World’s First Automatic Toothbrush that brushes your teeth in 10 seconds.

Toothbrushes have been around for centuries.

But over the last 30 years they have barely improved and that’s also why our far more harmful, habitual problems still persist.

Brushing too hard, not long enough or only once a day, not flossing or replacing your brush, and skipping the dentist are often ignored issues. Yet, they have a big impact on oral health and outward appearance.

This is why we invented SaniWhite.

Meet The SaniWhite

Let’s face it: brushing your teeth is not exactly the sexiest thing on Earth. You have to squeeze, scrub, gargle, spit, rinse and floss every morning and evening, every day of your life. Many of us hate brushing our teeth so much that we avoid doing so whenever possible—even though we know we shouldn’t...

SaniWhite was created with a single goal: to make toothbrushing quicker, automatic, and more efficient. The SaniWhite features the latest innovation in dental technology and gives you daily access to automatic, dental-grade cleaning.

360° Antibacterial Mouthpiece
LED Light & Speed Indicator
USB Charged Battery
Power Button

Only takes 10 seconds

Did you know that during your lifetime, you spend 108 whole days just brushing your teeth?

With the SaniWhite you have more time for the relevant things in life. It can brush your teeth in as little as 10 seconds because all your teeth are cleaned simultaneously. Even in these 10 seconds, every tooth surface is cleaned longer compared with common toothbrushes.

If you brush your teeth for the recommended 120 seconds with a regular toothbrush every surface gets brushed for just 1.25 seconds (given the fact that you have 32 teeth and every tooth has three surfaces).

SaniWhite brushes all your surfaces for the whole 10 seconds. This means: every tooth surface gets brushed 8x longer and the total toothbrushing duration is 12x quicker.

Whiten while you clean

The SaniWhite also comes with a professional tooth whitening product that was developed by a team of specialists to ensure no pain or sensitivity throughout or after the whitening process.

The whitening product in combination with the built-in LED blue light on the SaniWhite, whitens your teeth up to 6 shades in 10 days while you clean!

Solves the “You” problem

Nobody’s perfect so we made a toothbrush that is perfect for you. 90% of cavities and gum disease are caused by incorrect brushing. Our technology eliminates user error.

The SaniWhite’s mouthpiece gives optimal pressure and the perfect angle to clean every tooth evenly, including the hard-to-reach areas, and along the gum line.

SaniWhite Features

SaniWhite is the first automatic toothbrush of the new era, and it’s here to help you with all your oral hygiene needs.

Short Brush Time

Save up to 100 days of your life just by using SaniWhite! You’ll have more free time because it only takes 10 seconds to brush your teeth.


SaniWhite uses the recommended toothbrushing method that’s also used by dentists for daily dental-grade cleaning.

Teeth Whitening

The SaniWhite does not only clean your teeth. The built-in LED blue light combined with the included teeth whitening product also whitens your teeth while brushing.

Antibacterial Mouthpiece

The SaniWhite’s antibacterial silicone mouthpiece kills 99.99% of bacteria.

Comfortable and Easy

The SaniWhite gives the optimal pressure and angle to clean every tooth evenly, including hard-to-reach areas and sensitive gum lines.


The SaniWhite is completely waterproof and also works with braces and dental prosthesis.

Get the SaniWhite for $89 $168

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Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say about the SaniWhite. People all over the world are using it right now and have shared their experience with us.


Less than a month of using this toothbrush, I am already and feeling the difference it makes on my teeth and gums. The best toothbrush, toothpaste, and whitening kit. Thumbs up!


Great toothbrush with excellent whitening capabilities, it works much better than a regular brush at cleaning. This whitens better than those strips you can get too.


So easy to use. I normally have sensitive teeth, but I didn’t notice any sensitivity or pain when using it. Being a massive coffee drinker, I also bought a whitening gel for use with this product and I really love the teeth whitening. I’ve received several compliments on how white my teeth are, after using the product for 2 weeks. Great results so far!


Fast shipping and the product works as described!


Very easy to use and it fits perfectly in my mouth. I love the feeling when I touch my teeth with my tongue. My teeth feel like they are super smooth and much cleaner than with a regular toothbrush. I’m also doing the teeth whitening and I can already see my teeth gradually turning white!


Mine arrived pretty fast! I have used it for past couple weeks, and I must say that it’s pretty convenient. My teeth feel really smooth after using it. Works better than I expected.


My teeth have never been this clean before! I feel very good with this product. It’s super easy to use, waterproof, and has the perfect design for my mouth. I like it!


Delivery took more than 20 days... Other than that, I’m pleased with the product! I’ve got very sensitive gums so this perfect for me! It cleans faster and it’s more comfortable than a regular toothbrush which often makes my gums bleed. Recommend it!


It only takes about 10-20 seconds to finish brushing my teeth, which is so handy! I really hated brushing my teeth before going to bed but this made it so fast and easy. I recommend this to anyone!


I was kind of skeptical buying this product, despite the great reviews. I felt that this type of product was a gimmick. However, the results certainly speak for themselves! So far, I have used it for 3 weeks, my teeth feel super clean and are much whiter! I am so pleased with this.